Following CDC and American Massage Therapy Association guidelines for COVID-19 sanitization protocol in common areas and treatment rooms. Masks for clients is optional. All therapists are vaccinated.

Self care is an important aspect of living an emotionally balanced life.

Taking time for yourself helps refresh and renew, allowing you more energy to devote to your passions in life. The therapists at Moon Valley have diverse backgrounds in the creative and healing arts. With each client we integrate our healing talents and knowledge to customize a massage treatment that is unique for you.

Swedish Massage

Fluid and gentle strokes are used to release tension and increase relaxation. If you have never experienced a massage, this is a great place to start...

Deep Tissue

Strong pressure is used to target specific muscles and areas of complaint to improve range of motion and reduce tightness and pain.

Prenatal Massage

Side-lying techniques are used to help maintain comfort throughout pregnancy. Prenatal massage is an excellent way for mother and baby to bond before the birth.